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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn more money?
Think of the skills you have that you could use to earn some extra cash. There are people happy to pay for services such as house cleaning, dog walking, reading to the elderly in a resthome and so on.
Why is it important to have a nest egg?
If you lose your job, or get sick, or have some other life changing event, you’ll need to have some money put aside. The emergency fund is also useful if you have unexpected expenses such as vehicle repairs.
How can I reduce my costs even further?
Sometimes it seems impossible to reduce costs any further than you have already managed to do but there are ways. For example, sell the car and walk or take public transport. Sell items you no longer need. Negotiate a reduced plan with your cell phone provider. Try to buy cheaper brands of food and groceries on special, fruit and vegetables in season. Reduce electricity use where possible. Cancel subscriptions and go to the library for books, DVDs and magazines. Ask your landlord if you can start a garden and grow your own vegetables. Your budget adviser can help you with these and other ideas. 
How can you budget when income is irregular?
If you work on a contract basis or have irregular part time work you need to budget carefully. Figure out what your basic weekly and monthly expenses are. For example: rent, petrol, food, electricity, phone and prioritise them. When you get paid pay the top priority first. Try and set aside money each time you are paid so you have a buffer for essential expenses.